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Frequently asked questions as an author:

How do I find out when you have a new book?

The best way to find out about new books and giveaways from both myself and my clients at BookEnds Literary is to sign up for my monthly newsletter – The Quacktory!

You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Goodreads.


I'm interested in the publishing rights for one of your books. Who do I contact?

Thank you for your interest! Please contact my agent, Jenna Pocius, at Red Fox Literary.



How can I get a review copy of one of your books?

Please email me using the form below. Thanks for your interest!


I am interested in your editorial services for my picture book/middle grade/young adult novel. Are you still editing?

Unfortunately, I’m currently closed to editorial work in order to focus on my own writing and my BookEnds clients. You can join The Quacktory or follow me on social media to see if I open again!


Frequently asked questions as an agent:

I'm interested in the foreign, audio or film rights for one of your client's books. Who do I contact?

Please contact BookEnds for more information on subsidiary rights.

What's on your current #MSWL (manuscript wish list)?

I represent fiction, non-fiction and illustration for children and teens – and am specifically looking for picture books, middle grade, young adult and graphic novels for the trade market. I’m open to both illustrators and author-illustrators, and am also still very much interested in looking at more non-traditional storytelling (verse novels, epistolary novels, etc.).

From previous #MSWL tweets, I’m still looking for:

  • Hitchcock-inspired pbs and mg
  • stories of women in space
  • a YA novel about Julie D’Aubigny, aka La Maupin – the bisexual fencing, opera singing and dueling badass
  • a YA set amidst the struggle for the passage of the ERA – whether in the 1920’s or 1970’s
  • deliciously dark picture books
  • a middle grade mystery series featuring a spunky female protagonist
  • more baseball, please! (I would love a middle grade about Negro league baseball and/or the AAGPBL – either historical fiction or non-fiction.)
  • secular holiday stories (that don’t involve Santa Claus nor focus on material gift-giving)

And I’ll always be looking for:

  • own voices stories in pb, mg, and ya – would love to see more neurodiverse, LGBT+ and/or stories from people (particularly women) of color. Intersectional stories always welcome!
  • picture books where the child has a non-traditional family structure (preferably where that isn’t the main plot point)
  • contemporary middle grade stories of friendship or family – potentially with a touch of magic
  • middle grade non-fiction that doesn’t flinch or whitewash history and/or the subject
  • middle grade and YA graphic novels
  • non-fiction stories of untold heroes and heroines

Some things I’m not a good fit for:

  • leprechauns
  • potty training books, or stories starring poop and/or boogers
  • angels
  • horses
  • stockholm syndrome love stories
  • YA romance with a huge age gap (e.g. a 400 year old vampire and a teenager – I can’t get past the difference in life experience. It creeps me out.)
  • stories about Santa Claus
  • picture books about household appliances
  • memoirs from adults about their teenage years

You can also find more about my wishlist on my Manuscript Wish List page and my blog, or find more about my current list at Publisher’s Marketplace or my list of announced client books.

Where are you in your queries? Do you respond to every one?

At BookEnds, we respond to every query and requested manuscript, as long as it was sent through QueryManager. Please note that I am currently closed to all queries except through client, agent or editor referral. To know as soon as I reopen to queries, you can join the Quacktory or follow me on Twitter. (My query link, when I’m open again, is

As of July 23, 2019, I’ve answered all queries received before April 1, 2019 and all manuscripts requested before October 2018. My query inbox currently looks like this:

To get a sense of how many queries I receive in a year and how many I request, you can check out My 2017 in queries and My 2018 in queries.

I have a question about how to get published, can you help me?

Sure, but it will be in the form of a blog post and it might take me a while to post! Alas, I don’t have the bandwidth to answer individual emails. Please use the form below to ask me a question!

Please note: information about querying me at BookEnds can be found on the BookEnds submissions page, or you can query me with your fiction, non-fiction and/or illustration for children or teens at Please do not use the form below for any BookEnds query-related questions. Queries for literary representation sent using this form will be deleted unread.

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