Upon My Graduation

It’s been a busy last two years, but it all culminated last month in the presentation of my MFA in Writing for Children: While you don’t need an MFA to get published or work in publishing, I entered the MFA program to get back into an academic setting, to push my craft, and to satisfy… Read More »

Why John Mayer Doesn’t Have It Quite Right When It Comes to Revision Requests

When it comes to rejection letters, “Anything other than ‘yes’ is ‘no.’” Right? Last night, I was doing my laundry, eating a caprese salad (minus the tomatoes, olive oil and fresh basil), and listening to iTunes shuffle through my library. John Mayer’s “Friends, Lovers, Or Nothing” started to play, and while he’s probably correct when it… Read More »

Writing An Introverted Character

Agents and editors want characters that jump off the page… but what if your character prefers to stay home with a book? Juliet, the protagonist of my middle grade mystery Hot Ticket, is clearly an extrovert. She can’t stand that there is a mysterious ticket dispenser in John Jay Jr. High that is giving everybody… Read More »

Registration for the 2014 CWHV Conference is Open!

Join us for a day of hands-on workshops and an inspiring closing keynote! Registration for the 2014 Children’s Writers of the Hudson Valley Conference is now open. In order to assure a truly hands-on experience, participation is limited to 50 people. Registrants must chose either the novel-writing track with Stacey Barney or the picture book track… Read More »

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