Great Posts on Plot

No Plot? Big Problem: Inventing a Plot is a great place to start. An oldie but goodie from Nathan Bransford – Character and Plot: Inseparable! and similarly A Character-Based View of Plot from Cheryl Klein’s Brooklyn Arden. Theresa at edittorrent recently posted On...

Huzzah! Posts About Plot

Today I scour the internet to bring you the bests posts on plot. Our “huzzahs!” go out to the writers of these posts (and yes, this is definitely stretching the definition of “Huzzah Tuesday” – hopefully in a good way, and not in a buy a...

Three Major Plot Problems and Fixes

Three Major Plot Problems and Fixes: (Spoiler alert for The Hunger Games, Savvy and Wringer.) 1.) A delayed call-to-action. Your protagonist’s call-to-action (otherwise known as their ‘first door’) is what is going to push them into their journey....

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