Revision Checklist: Motivation

Have you asked yourself these questions about your latest work-in-progress? 1.) What does my protagonist want? Emotionally, what are they seeking? (Revenge, approval, etc.) Physically, what goal are they trying to achieve? (Finding a sacred stone, winning the science...

Revision Checklist: Character

Struggling with character? Look at your major characters with the following in mind: – Is it clear what my protagonist and antagonist want emotionally and physically? – Do my character’s personality traits work with each other, or contradict each...

Great Posts on Character and Dialogue

How do you create multidimensional characters? Take a gander through some of these posts for help: Lillie Ammann gives an 8 part series on creating characters. (Great place to start if you’re beginning to write.) What Do Your Characters Want? by Nathan Bransford...

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