Blogging in 2019 vs. 2009

As I was going through some of my earlier posts to create an archive page for this blog, it really struck me how different the tone and content of my posts were in 2008/2009 vs. these last few years as an author/agent. I think the shift started with the dissolution of...

Not-So-Final Thoughts on TOC

Now that I’ve had a little time to digest everything I learned from Monday to Wednesday, I find I keep coming back to the “Youth and Creativity” study, and the idea of open sourced content.I was a bit skeptical when I was told that open sourced books...

Tim O’Reilly – I Want To Go To Your Conference

The O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing conference will be held in New York from February 9 – 11, 2009.In no particular order, here are a list of reasons why I should be the first recipient of the non-existant scholarship for young people early enough...

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