I’ve had to sit on this news for a bit, but I’m so excited to share that Ginny Wiehardt and her fantastic middle grade manuscript have joined #TeamMarchini at BookEnds! You can read Ginny’s interview over on the BookEnds blog.

I always know that I’m getting serious about a book when I start taking notes as I read, and Ginny’s was no different.

The book is set in Brooklyn, and I happened to be reading the book on a train into Brooklyn myself — which meant that I pulled out my small, Lisa Frank purse notebook (no shame, and also, I clearly keep notebooks forever as this is “vintage” Lisa Frank) and started jotting down things I loved, questions I had as I read, and thoughts about where I thought the book was going.

Once I finished the book and collated my notes, I’d shared the manuscript for some colleague feedback to see if they loved the book as much as I did. As an agent, I have total autonomy over my list, but it’s always great to get feedback… especially when your boss turns to you during the staff meeting and says, essentially – “Why are you even asking? Offer!” (I don’t remember Jessica’s exact words, but this was pretty much the gist!)

So now I get to share the news of a new team member with you – and I can’t wait until we can share Ginny’s book with readers!

Preorders now available for Princesses Can Fix It! on AmazonBarnes & NobleBookshop.org, Indiebound, and you can add the book to your Goodreads.

For a personalized, autographed copy, you can pre-order from The Silver Unicorn

Chicken Wants a Nap by Tracy Marchini

"A surprising gem." -- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Chicken Wants a Nap is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and your favorite independent bookstore!

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