Have you asked yourself these questions about your latest work-in-progress?

1.) What does my protagonist want? Emotionally, what are they seeking? (Revenge, approval, etc.) Physically, what goal are they trying to achieve? (Finding a sacred stone, winning the science fair, etc.)

2.) What does my antagonist want? What does my antagonist lose if my protagonist wins?

3.) Do the actions of my main character/protagonist help them reach their ultimate goal?

4.) What actions does the antagonist take to stop my protagonist? Do these actions align with the antagonist’s overall goal?

5.) Do the emotional and physical goals of the protagonist work with each other, or against each other? How does reaching one goal, help my protagonist reach the other?

6.) When the going gets tough, what stops my protagonist from giving up?

7.) People will naturally try the easiest, most straightforward solution first to any problem. Are there places my protagonist does not do so, because I am trying to throw in a plot twist or other element? Does it feel “too convenient” or like a cheat to my reader?

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