Laura Peyton Roberts is the author of numerous books for teens and tweens, including the Clearwater Crossing series, Ghost of a Chance, The Queen of Second Place, Queen B, and Green.

Welcome to the blog, Laura!  Tell us a little bit about Green:

Lilybet Green is home alone on her 13th birthday when a package addressed to her explodes on her front porch and a trio of leprechauns shows up to claim her. Lily is not at all inclined to run off with them, but the Clan o’ Green has been waiting a long time for a new keeper to join them, and these three aren’t taking no for an answer. Things only get crazier from there, and soon Lily is surrounded by so much trouble that she’s not sure when she’ll ever get home–or if the leprechauns will even let her leave.

I had a great time making a book trailer for Green. You can see it here:

Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m part Irish year-round.  (County Cork, represent!)  Do you have an Irish background?   What inspired you to write a leprechaun tale?

We have a whole lot of red hair going on in my family and definite UK connections, so I’d be pretty surprised if there’s not Irish blood somewhere, but I can’t say how much. As far as the inspiration for Green, it’s hard to know where that idea came from. I wanted to write about a normal girl caught up in extraordinary circumstances, so I started mulling on that and voilà! Leprechaun abduction! The harder part was figuring out why leprechauns would want to abduct a teenage girl, but once I answered that question, the story took off.

Booklist described Green as, “A fun, fresh take on leprechaun lore that pushes well past typical depictions.”  How much research did you do on leprechauns before you began to write?  How do your leprechauns differ from what was already out there?

I did a little early research to get a sense of what had already been written about leprechauns–which turned out to be less than I had expected, especially in terms of modern or longer stories. As a writer, I love the feeling that the door is wide open, plus the beauty of writing fantasy is the freedom to invent your own world and everything in it. No one’s going to check your facts–they can’t. That left me free to create whatever new leprechaun “facts” I liked, and I took full advantage of that!

What is the difference between a pisky and a leprechaun?

In addition to looking different and being able to fly, piskies have much stronger magic than leprechauns. In Green, not all leprechauns have the magical touch, and even the ones who do are limited to magic tied to gold. Piskies, on the other hand, have powerful natural magic–which is also dangerously unpredictable. Making a wish on a pisky is not for the fainthearted, as Lily learns to her peril.

If you were Lily, which of her three treacherous tasks would be hardest for you to complete?

Definitely the last one. Without giving away too much plot, I love caves and camping, so I’d probably be having a pretty good time through much of the first two tests. Even though things are always scarier when you don’t know what’s going on–and nobody likes being bitten–I think I’d come out all right on those two. The third test is by far the hardest because, in addition to the significant physical challenge, that one presents a moral dilemma. No honest person would want to complete that task, and Lily certainly doesn’t. Even with the stakes as high as they are, she balks and stalls until she eventually strikes a deal that satisfies her sense of fairness. Or so she thinks!

Is a sequel to Green in the works?  If not, what should readers look for next?

I’d love to write a sequel to Green, but there isn’t one in progress yet. My next releases will be novels in my Clearwater Crossing series, which I’m reissuing as e-books. I’ve completed thirteen of twenty books so far, with more to come this year.

Thanks for stopping by, Laura – and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

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