How do you create multidimensional characters? Take a gander through some of these posts for help:

Lillie Ammann gives an 8 part series on creating characters. (Great place to start if you’re beginning to write.)

What Do Your Characters Want? by Nathan Bransford addresses internal and external character motivation.

Debut author Mark Shulman gives us an in-depth look at how he created the characters for his novel Scrawl on Cynsations.

Cyn Balog guests posts on Cynsations with a note on creating fantasy characters.

Theresa at edittorent posted Wisdom From Our Theater Friends, which discusses the value in what we experience with a character, rather than are shown by the character.

On this blog, I give you a character exercise by asking you about your character’s daemon.

I also talk about The Differences in Male and Female Speech and a post on using slang in children’s fiction, Check Yo’self Before You Wreck Yo’Self: Using Slang in Children’s Fiction.

Too many tags on your dialogue? Check out Beware the Over-Used Adverb.

Carolyn Kaufman has a fantastic post that combines psychology and character building, The Other in Fiction: Creating Wonderfully Wicked Villains.

And if you’re still having trouble creating a convincing villain after that, check out Waterstone’s list of villains and antiheroes for some inspiration.

For those that prefer a more philosophical approach, James Woods asks what, exactly, is a character?

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