Marketing Quick Tip: Make a color palette

One of the most helpful things I had in my arsenal when I was designing marketing materials as a Communications Manager was the company color palette. It was super easy to stay on-brand, have colors that I knew would look good together, and create a cohesive look for...

How To Set Up A Blog Tour For Your Book

Earlier, I received the following question from Fynn: I have been doing my own marketing on whatever level I can and have self-published an LGBT fairytale. It is a coming of age story about two knights that grow up together and slowly figure out that they are quite...

Art Is Not A Checklist

I’ve just finished Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception, which was mailed to me in advance of attending an intimate Q&A with him on June 20th. Pre-event mingling – this is my listening face. Do I look like I’ve been up since 5am? Yes. Yes I...

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