Children’s Books About Freedom

Happy Fourth of July, my fellow Americans! (And for those of you who are not, I hope you have a great Thursday regardless!) If you’re looking for some children’s books about freedom — be it a personal freedom, or the fight for America’s freedom — might I suggest: Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson – Isabel,… Read More »

It’s Twitchy…Twitchy (Twitchy) Twitchy (Twitchy) HUH!

Sometimes in a manuscript, I’ll notice that perhaps the protagonist is always fumbling with her hair. Or maybe I’ll see “He smiled” so often I begin to wonder if his face is just permanently frozen. (Or if I’ve watched anything scary that day, the smile turns into a preface for “I’m not smiling at the cute thing… Read More »

How Do You Know When A Manuscript Is Ready?

Does any writer really, really ever feel like a book is “practically perfect in every way?” (Image Credit) I know authors that refuse to reread their books after publication because they don’t want to see what they might change now (or what they wished they’d changed one, five, or ten years before.) I cringe sometimes at the… Read More »

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