Do You Have A Paper Back-Up?

I’ve been thinking about ways to make more physical/mental/emotional space, partially inspired by some of my favorite minimalist/simple living blogs: Becoming Minimalist Be More With Less Slow Your Home The Minimalists Mnmlist Now that almost everything can (or is) housed on someone else’s servers, do you still keep unbound paper copies of your published works?… Read More »

Writers As Cultivators of Gender

Between Wendy Davis’s filibuster, the severing of Tor’s relationship with James Frenkel and the general sociopolitical climate, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about gender. But first, a quick note on the difference between sex and gender. You are biologically a sex. If you are born with two x chromosomes, you are female. Born… Read More »

Thoughts on “Book Publishing’s Big Gamble”

I was forwarded Boris Kachka’s New York Times op-ed, Book Publishing’s Big Gamble, this morning and am curious to hear your thoughts. I think he raises several valid points, and I know that while someone in children’s publishing can look at a manuscript and tell you why Philomel might be a better fit over Razorbill,… Read More »

Does Your High School Social Status Change How You Relate to YA Now?

I’ve been reading When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle, and it’s making me think about how I relate to YA characters based on my own experiences in the high school hierarchy. In high school, I was neither extremely popular nor extremely unpopular. I had friends that I would sneak into clubs with to go… Read More »

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