Huzzah Beginnings and Endings!

In our first Tuesday Huzzah, we celebrate the beginnings and endings of two blogs. Sarah LaPolla celebrated one year of Big Glass Cases last week! It’s been fun to watch not only Sarah’s readership grow, but her career as a new agent! As many of you know,...

YAs with Strong Male Protagonists

My current WIP is Muse, originally a dual-voice YA, but now a single voice starring a male protagonist. ::GULP:: My previous first-person works all star females, and though there are boys in them, I have yet to dig too deep into the mind of a seventeen-year-old boy....

Poetry Friday: Haiku by Hendrik Doeff

One of my favorite forms of poetry to write is the haiku, though I tend to follow the contemporary-English language structure of the haiku than the traditional Japanese. [For more about haiku than most people will ever need to know (unless you’re going on...

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