How I Edit

“Somehow, great editors ask the right questions or pose things to you that get you to write better. It’s a dance between you, your characters, and your editor.” – Patricia MacLachlan I’ve been thinking about how I like to be edited, which made...

Boo! It’s a ghost(writer)

Recently, I was asked for advice concerning ghostwriting. I’ve ghost-written non-fiction book proposals, and while I was at the agency there were several authors that ghostwrote fiction and non-fiction. Generally, the publisher signs a contract with the author,...

What I Learned from #PitMad

1.) This is a terribly stressful thing to decide to do while you’re riding the subway home. 2.) Well-meaning significant others, who you love with all your heart, are terrible sounding boards for pitches about books they haven’t read yet. 2a.) They are...

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