Reader question: Can someone have two agents?

A reader asks: Is it acceptable to seek out a second agent for representation, of course with the intention of sharing different manuscripts? I have an agent currently, but as of yet, none of my manuscripts given to her have been published. But since I am such a...

Working with An Agent: Step 6 – After you sign

So you’ve signed with an agent! Huzzah! Now the work begins again. While each agent works a bit differently, here are some things you can expect: If the agent had revisions they wanted you to make, you might receive additional notes and begin revising. If you’re an...

Working with An Agent: Step 4 – Responding to an offer

Okay, so you had the call and now you have an offer of representation! First thing to do is let the offering agent know that you have others considering, and that you’ll be able to respond in one to two weeks from the offer. (Personally, I think a week is sufficient,...

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