50 Pages To Find 50 Books

As I write this, I’m very much off-target for reading the 100 books I set as a Goodreads goal for 2015. For comparison, in 2014 I read 156 when my goal was 100. At the moment, I’m sitting at 60. A few things changed this year from last in terms of my...

Air Frames in “Home of the Brave”

Earlier this week, Founder and Publisher of Tu Books Stacy Whitman collected a list of children’s books about the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. It reminded me of Allen Say’s Home of the Brave, and the work I had done as part of my graduate...

New book! New website!

I’m so excited to share two pieces of news with you! New book! Rock, my anthology of YA short stories, will be published on September 6, 2016! Rock is collection of seven music-inspired short stories across multiple genres, including dystopian, light sci-fi,...

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