I’m so thrilled to welcome Rachel Ruiz to #TeamMarchini and BookEnds! Rachel is the author of several books, including When Penny Met POTUS, which I remember reading in the Barnes & Noble when it first came out and just loving it. (I love it all the more now, knowing that it was inspired by her daughter’s meeting of President Obama!)

I’m so excited to work with Rachel on her new work, and to see more of her picture books and longer works for children on the shelves! To learn more about Rachel, you can read her BookEnds interview or visit her at http://www.rachelruizbooks.com/.

Chicken Wants a Nap by Tracy Marchini

"A surprising gem." -- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Chicken Wants a Nap is available at Amazon, Barnes & NobleTarget and your favorite independent bookstore!

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