Happy New Year!

I’ve been saving this announcement for the new year, but as you can guess by my title, I’ve just signed with Michelle Humphrey of Martha Kaplan Literary!

We’re working on a super fun picture book project that I haven’t talked much about on this blog, but I can tell you that one very mischievous duck is involved…

Bad Quack.

Anyway, we’re looking at both new and previous works, and Michelle has a great editorial eye, so I’m excited! πŸ™‚ (She also represents Kekla Magoon of The Rock and The River, which you should go read right now if you haven’t already.)

In celebration (and because I’m slowly learning how to use Photoshop), I’ve made these Hot Ticket Print Outs that are pretty close to the Hot Tickets that the ticket dispenser distributed to everyone (well, almost everyone) at Triple J.

They don’t know it yet, but someone already has a Hot Ticket waiting for them in their lunch bag right now. (It’s for not throwing up on the way to work, which is always worth a Hot Ticket… more so if you’re actually feeling sick.)

Anyway, you can click the link above for the .pdf file, or you can click this .jpeg below to save the file:

I did them in black and white, but feel free to color them orange or print them on orange paper.

Now, with great power comes great responsibility, so I trust that I won’t get any angry phone calls from principals, bosses, loved ones or frienemies because of careless Hot Ticket usage. (Seriously, I can only help one person escape from the Principal’s office a year. And usually, it’s Juliet.)

Lastly, here’s my Hot Ticket for you!

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