I’m back from the Children’s Literature Association Conference (Well, I’ve been back for a week. Lots to catch up on!) My presentation went well, though I have learned that my laptop secretly hates me. Ah-hem.

I started my presentation (which I renamed “We’re All Groupies Here: Music As Catalyst in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”) with a joke that, no matter how nervous I appeared, I promised not to “pull a Troy Billings” all over the audience. I definitely relaxed a bit when the audience laughed. (You are my people! You like punk rock YA books! Also, it proves that vomit jokes are an excellent ice breaker in any setting.) I decided to read from my computer, since I had made some last minute edits. Just as I finished talking about how Tris was actually the most punk rock of all the characters in Nick and Norah, my screen blanked out and I found myself saying the words, “…and where did my paper go?”

Thank goodness I was able to bring it up again quickly, but if I was going to pull a Troy on the audience, it probably would have been right then! The rest of the paper went off without a hitch, and the audience asked some great questions which I’ll be putting into the next reiteration of the paper.

I attended some really interesting panels, including one on digital storytelling (Have you seen Inanimate Alice?) and quite a few on The Hunger Games. There was also a great paper on the culture of fear, and how it’s affected picture books. (Think in terms of “stranger danger,” even though most strangers are not potential abductors.)

I had the opportunity to visit Foamhenge, which I will now be adding to my bucket list, just so I can cross it off. However, we did not have time to see Dinosaur Kingdom, where union soldiers are eaten by dinosaurs. (Yep, you read that right.)

The Teen Book Scene Booktour

I’m super excited that the lovely ladies of The Teen Book Scene have put together an amazing tour for Effie At The Wedding! There’s a lot of fun posts coming up, including character interviews (with giveaways!), book recommendations from my younger self (why am I having an easier time remembering what I read at five than what I read at twenty?) and some reviews of Effie that’ll be a surprise to me and you (crosses fingers!)

The tour kicks off today at Dog-Eared & Bookmaked with a look at what I’m up to when I’m not writing, and tomorrow the first review will be posted at Reading Vacation. You can follow the whole tour through this blog, or at The Teen Book Scene’s Tour Round-up!

I hope everyone’s enjoying their Fourth!

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