Over at Writer Unboxed, I’m sharing Five Things I’ve Learned By ePublishing. A sneak peek:

“In self-publishing, the business model tends to be more of a slow, gradual growth that’s built on a number of successful books. Self published authors should be prepared for the long tail, where the first orders are a spike of friends, family and followers, but the real success comes over a longer period of time. Though most self-published books will never sit on a bookshelf, by self-publishing Pub Speak, I can keep it available for as long as I desire – giving it the time that it needs to grow.”

I’m also very excited to announce my Virtual Mentorship Program. I’m looking for an aspiring children’s writer or children’s book marketer who has 15 hours a week to devote to social networking, blogging and researching. The ideal candidate would be someone who would like a writing mentor for their work, but perhaps can’t afford the cost. Click here to learn more about the position!

Also, I have a new cover for my hysterical contemporary YA story Effie At The Wedding. (Cover design by Michelle Davidson Argyle.)

A sneak peek:

5 (Totally Selfish) Reasons I Do Not Want George As A Brother-In-Law

5.) My sister is only 20, and he is 29. That means he’s almost thirty, which means that when she’s forty, he’ll be almost fifty, and then when she’s fifty, he’ll be almost sixty. Too old.

4.) He just graduated med school. People never see their spouses when one is a doctor. And on Grey’s Anatomy, the doctors are always sleeping with the other doctors and nurses. Ophelia is cute, but she can’t compete with a tall, blonde-haired millionaire doctor. (Sorry, Ophelia.)

3.) He’s too nice. Nice is lame. Ophelia will be SO BORED when she’s like, 23 and realizes that her older, doctor boyfriend is too busy saving lives and golfing to go out clubbing.

2.) He’s too good looking. Again, the nurses are bound to fall in love with him.

1.) I will never be able to bring a boyfriend home without him also being a good-looking, well mannered doctor. Which means that I am going to be single for the rest of my life, while my sister and her husband make lots of good-looking doctor babies. I will have lots of cats.

Also stay tuned for the second part of the interview over at Inspired Quill!

How are you, my bloggery buddies? Is there anything that you’d like to know that I haven’t covered in the blog tour yet?

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