I’m pleased to announce my ebook debut – Pub Speak: A Writer’s Dictionary of Publishing Terms.

Pub Speak has over 400 definitions, including contract terms, trade organizations, ebook terms and more. This is a small but mighty reference book that I’m excited to tell you more about in the coming weeks. Pub Speak will be published on April 4th, and in the meantime I’m putting together a very exciting blog tour.

To find out more about the book, you can click here and if you’re interested in being part of the blog tour, please do be in touch!

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  • Michelle Davidson Argyle

    I LOVE the cover! :)

    I really am excited about this book. It looks like a valuable resource.

    • Tracy Marchini

      Thanks! I hope writers do find it helpful. Any tips for the week or so before publication? :) (PS – I love the cover too!)

      • Michelle Davidson Argyle

        Talk about your book everywhere. :)

        • Tracy Marchini

          Like, “I’ll have two four piece chicken nuggets, a small fry, and have I told you about my book?” :)

  • Michelle Davidson Argyle

    Tarcy, hahaha! No, I meant everywhere online, that’s all. :)

  • Carolyn Abiad

    Tried to tweet this, but no luck. Something about your profile. I’ll try again later. :)

    • Tracy Marchini

      That’s weird, but thanks for the try! :)

  • Alan

    Just a suggestion– you might want to link the book cover image to wherever the book is being sold (eg– amazon or wherever). I clicked on the image to check out the book but it is not linked to anything.

    • Tracy Marchini

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for dropping by! As soon as the book is on sale (April 4th) it’ll be linked. :)