Yesterday, Antlers and I met to discuss the stage play that we’re adapting from one of my short stories. This is a new process for both of us. If you’re a long-time reader of the blog, you’ll remember that earlier I was co-writing a TV pilot. The pilot was completed and reviewed, but alas the market was insanely flooded at that time (yes, there were vampires involved!) and so it sits on the shelf. Still, it was a great experience to write for television and to be able to revise with a film agent/colleague who gave us great feedback and explained the differences among the multiple formats.

Writing for the stage is different than writing for the screen, and Antlers and I are still working out exactly how different this might be. We have a first draft, but it’s already clear that there’s a large amount of stage direction missing. We also haven’t had a chance to read it out loud together, which will probably show us places where the dialogue doesn’t flow. And, we have already spotted a scene which doesn’t transition smoothly enough into the next and will to be revised.

I also had a chance to start revising the first draft of Muse this past week. The first chapter went from two pages (yes, this is a very rough draft) to six. Huzzah! The writing workshop that I’m attending wants the first ten pages of the project we’re working on by the end of the month. I still have much to do on that first chapter (and, you know, all the pages after that!)

How about you guys? Anybody ever write for the stage? Tips would be appreciated!

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