My current WIP is Muse, originally a dual-voice YA, but now a single voice starring a male protagonist. ::GULP:: My previous first-person works all star females, and though there are boys in them, I have yet to dig too deep into the mind of a seventeen-year-old boy. Am I nervous? Umm… yes.

To help myself dig deeper into the psyche of my main character, I’m going back to some of my favorite male protagonists in YA literature:

Troy Billings of K. L. Going’s FAT KID RULES THE WORLD

Kip McFarland of Gail Giles’s RIGHT BEHIND YOU

Nick of Rachel Cohn & David Leviathan’s NICK AND NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST

Colin Singleton of John Green’s AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES

Who are your favorite male protagonists in YA? (And by extension, what should I be putting on hold at the library?)

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