Buying Pop Art at Barnes & Noble

Today I posted on LitDrift about pop art and children’s literature. I’m enclosing a sneak peek here, and you can check out the rest of the piece, Buying Pop Art at Barnes & Noble on LitDrift.

Andy Warhol was fascinated with the high and low in art, and even twenty years after his death, his Estate has managed to sell limited-edition Campbell’s soup cans in Barney’s for twelve dollars each. But just a few years before the debut of his first soup can screenprint, Andy Warhol illustrated a children’s book, THE LITTLE RED HEN, which will be auctioned off on December 9th.

To me, nowhere is the juxtaposition of the high and low in art more apparent than in children’s illustration. Though one might look at a Jackson Pollock and think (but perhaps not say), “I can splatter paint on a canvas!,” one hears people browsing the picture book section and declaring, “I could draw this!”

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