I’m off to the Falling Leaves conference in Silver Springs today, hurrah!

A few notes before I leave:

I’m guest blogging again on Nathan Bransford’s site. Today’s post is on ways an author can use Twitter. Check it out, and perhaps Tweet at me later. (I can not wait until that starts getting shouted out instead of the traditional catcall.)

Also, blogging works.

I’ve been reading Seth Godin’s blog for a few months now, and on Wednesday I finally picked up Tribes. And by blogging incessantly about it, I’ve now become a member of his tribe. Success!

And, O’Reilly Media contacted me and will be sending me to the O’Reilly Tools of Change Conference in 2009. Check out the amazing line-up; I am beyond excited!

Kiersten, AC and Coll – thanks for your hilarious comments. And, luckily for everyone, I will not be blogging the terrible poetry I was thinking about writing on a semi-regular basis. (A preview of what was going through my head last night: “You may think that this poem is nonsense/It’s just that I want to go to the conference.”)

Thank goodness nobody will have to read any more of that!

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